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After a wonderful two weeks in the BVIs, we were definitely sad to leave.  We especially loved Frenchman’s Cay.  I am posting a picture of Julisa, who worked there – we told her all about the blog, and she promised to read!  : )


We also celebrated our one-year anniversary there, so it will always be a special place.


But Now . . .

Back to everyday life!  We have had numerous requests to continue the blog – and even invitations to events so that we could “cover” them in the blog.  We love it!

So, due to popular demand – and just for our own amusement – we are going to continue the blog even for everyday life, but probably not as often.  Feel free to join in or tune us out.  Even if no one is watching, we are having fun entertaining ourselves.

Our first news in “everyday life” is that I had my 6-month breast cancer scans yesterday and all is well – yay!  I always get a little nervous a couple weeks before and keep re-arranging my schedule in my head just in case they find something and I am back to treatment.  So now we can get back to just fun living.

The Future . . .

We do have some trips planned!  Our next adventure is a tour down South to visit my parents, celebrate Easter in the Blue Ridge Mountains, meet the golfers at Augusta National, and introduce Frank to all the people I grew up with in South Carolina – with the grand finale of the “Puppet Ladies Luncheon.”  You will have to tune in to find out what that is!  Come along with us!

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One thought on “Back to Everyday Life

  1. I’m so happy you’ve decided to continue your blog! Can’t wait to find out more about the Puppet Ladies Luncheon and read even more adventures from both you and Frank.


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