Disney – We Are Ready!

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Editor’s Note: Disney was quite a whirlwind, so Aunt Christy had trouble keeping up with the blog.  So we are catching up – stay tuned for fun!


Holly Cont.jpg

As I said in my last entry, my niece, Holly, and I are heading to Disney for her Ten-Year Old Trip.  (She is technically 11 by now – but we don’t get bogged down by details.)

Each niece is allowed to choose her destination for the Ten-Year Old Trip, out of anywhere in the continental US.  Holly chose Disney.  I have been to Disney dozens of times, since it wasn’t too far from South Carolina.  Plus I just planned a 6-month trip living in Italy.  So I figured this would be a piece of cake.

No.  As soon as I picked up the first guidebook, I realized I was in over my head.  I panicked and decided to seek a professional.  Each year, Conde Nast “Travel” magazine lists consultants who specialize in different areas, including Disney.  A very wise decision.  The ladies at Travel Magic were amazing.  I told them about the Ten-Year Old Trip, and they went to work with suggestions, finding deals that I couldn’t find online, and making dining reservations (which must be done exactly 6 months in advance to the minute).   I highly recommend them and am eternally grateful!

On Our Way

The big day finally came!  It was Holly’s first plane trip, and we were both very excited.  She did great.  About half-way through our first leg, she proclaimed: “I love this!”

We landed in Orlando, and I almost couldn’t get her out of the airport – it had a whole store just for Harry Potter.  (I would soon learn that Holly is an expert shopper.)

Holly Potter

But we eventually made our way out to Ground Tranpsortation and boarded the Disney Magical Express.  We didn’t even have to go to baggage claim – Disney handled that for us.  Awesome.

Holly bus

The Contemporary

Our bus dropped us at the Contemporary Resort and on the way, we caught glimpses of both the EPCOT ball and Cinderella’s Castle.  Our eyes were wide and excited – even for the grown up who has been dozens of times.

Since Disney was delivering our bags to the room, we decided to explore.  We also were a little hungry (since Aunt Christy forgot the snacks at home).  But we rallied and headed to the lounge of the fancy California Grill – on the top floor of the hotel with an excellent view.  Holly thought their kid’s menu was a little gourmet for her taste, so we ordered the cheese plate and a basket of bread.  We were off to a good start.


Hoop Dee Doo

For the evening, we were off to the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue, which is at Fort Wilderness Campground.   Holly and I boarded a boat at the Contemporary for the short hop across the lagoon to Fort Wilderness and had the place to ourselves.  Who said Spring Break would be a bad time for Disney?  (I’m sure will be different when we actually make it to the parks.)

Holly boat.jpg

The Hoop Dee Doo was super fun.  And we had front row seats!  (I guess Conde Nast knows a thing or two about travel specialists!) We feasted on fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and strawberry shortcake while being entertained by a great show full of belly-laughs.  A wonderful start to our adventure.

Tomorrow, we head to EPCOT – where we have a FastPass for Test Track -Holly’s first roller coaster!!  Stay tuned!

Holly Hoop 3.jpg

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