Swing Through the South

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The Two Fools are back on the road! We’re headed to my hometown of Aiken, South Carolina for a jam-packed couple of weeks of visits with family and friends. Since Frank and I eloped, many of my friends are dying to meet him. From my sorority sisters to the neighbors to the church ladies who helped raise me, my cute Yankee husband is about to get a big dose of Southern Hospitality. Come along with us for the ride!


But First . . .

I have driven home and left Frank back in Annapolis. I have a very important mission carry out before he joins me – a “Ten Year Old Trip!”

I have 3 nieces and told each that when they turn 10, I would take them on a trip – just the two of us. They could choose anywhere in the continental United States. For years, we all anticipate the big Ten Year Old Trip – making hard decisions about where to go. The oldest, Lacey, who is now 13, chose Williamsburg, Virginia (her American Girl doll was from there). So I flew to Granville, Ohio, where they live, and flew back with her to the East Coast. We had a fabulous time at the luxurious Williamsburg Inn, played a very realistic Quest game where we had to gather clues throughout the historic section, and even attended a candle-lit concert at the Governor’s Palace.

Now it is Holly’s turn – and she has chosen Disney World! So we all met at my parent’s house in Aiken and spent the evening laughing and catching up.


After bidding farewell to the family, Holly and I are now at the Columbia, SC airport and are about to board – her first flight!

Stay tuned . . . .


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