Farewell South Carolina!

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Aiken all

This is my last blog entry from our trip down South. It took me awhile to update all the fun we had down there because we were so busy socializing.  Thank you to everyone who helped make our trip so special.

Janine & John

A special shout-out to my parent’s neighbors, Janine and John, who made a special trip to visit us. Janine even baked a fruit cobbler and brought it over warm with ice cream!  They have a wonderful story.  Janine is from Paris and once upon a time was living in Spain.  John is American and was working in Spain.  They met and fell in love, but he didn’t speak French, and she didn’t speak English.  So they had to speak Spanish!  They got married, lived all over Europe, and finally settled in the United States (now they both speak each other’s languages).  They retired to Aiken and moved in across the street from my parents on Hartwell Drive.  They have become very special friends, and I’m so glad we got a chance to see them.  They are big followers of Two Fools In Love, so I told them I would put them on the blog!  We had a fun time with both of you, Janine & John –thank you for visiting us!

Up Next

Frank and I are heading back to Sicily for the summer! We are visiting family and staying in many of the same apartments from last year.  We are super excited.  We leave tomorrow!  So stay tuned to Two Fools In Love.  We are back on the road.


The Street Where I Grew Up

Hartwell Drive – Home

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