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The Two Fools are back on the road! We will be spending the next two months in Sicily – back to visit family.  We are staying in some of the same apartments as last year, so it is a bit like going home.

But first – we have to get there. We are trying something new (for us) and taking a daytime flight to Europe, instead of an overnight flight, and extending our trip so we don’t fly all legs at once.  It will take a few days, but hopefully will be more enjoyable and less tiring for us as we adjust to the time change.


We are super happy we tried this plan! We are now in London so part-way to Sicily.  We LOVED flying in the daytime, rather than overnight.  I find it hard to sleep on the plane, so daytime flying was so much better.  We left at 8 am and arrived in London at 8 pm (3 pm EST).  And there were ZERO people in the customs and immigration line.  That has never happened when I’ve flown into Heathrow.

We were so proud of ourselves that we decided to really go all out and try Uber! I just signed up for it and have used it twice at home.  It was Frank’s first time.  We figured we had all night and could always get a taxi if we couldn’t figure it out.  But we did – and Shafi picked us up at a pre-determined spot.  Our only downside was that I am apparently not all that good with London geography, and we are staying more than an hour from the airport.  So it was a long ride.  But we got a grand tour of central London on the way – we even drove by Harrod’s.  And since by then it was 10:30 at night, no traffic.

We have settled into our temporary London home, which (believe it or not) is a yacht! More on that next time.


Toasting London with our first Aperol Spritz of the season- after a long day of travel

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