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We have arrived in Taormina, one of our favorite places in Sicily (and really, anywhere). Taormina is on the east coast of Sicily with a beautiful view of the Ionian Sea.  It is home to a Greek theatre dating to the 4th century and is the ritzy “see and be seen” place for Sicily in the summer months (similar to Capri).

Taormina also overlooks Mount Etna, Sicily’s famous volcano. In fact, Mount Etna had just erupted the day we arrived, causing quite a stir.  She is always puffing out smoke, but apparently caught everyone by surprise by spewing out ash as well.  Our driver said they almost had to close the airport.  (She has settled down now – the picture below was taken from our terrace.)


We loved our last visit here and were lucky enough to reserve the same apartment (through VRBO). The apartment is right off Corso Umberto, the main drag, near Porto di Catania (the town gate closest to Catania).  It is art-deco style, and we can just the imagine the soirees that were thrown here back in the day.

It also has an amazing terrace.  Our favorite tradition is to have an evening apperitivo on the terrace as the sun goes down.

We will be heading to Frank’s family’s hometown later to see all the gang. And some may even visit us in Taormina.

It truly feels like we have come home.





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