Mount Etna

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Etna Balcony

We already posted an entry for today, but we have some late-breaking news.  We went out on the balcony to listen to one of the singers in the restaurant below – and lo and behold we noticed a red glow in the distance.  Mount Etna is erupting, and we can see the lava from here!

It keeps spewing out kind of high in the air and then down the mountain.  We are far away, so it is not dangerous for us, but I bet the towns on the mountain are a little nervous.  It is mesmerizing to watch.  We can’t capture very well on the phone, but you can get an idea.  Wow!

Above is a picture I took from the balcony this afternoon.  You can see the radio towers on the building across from us and Etna in the background.  Below is a night-time picture – you can see the radio towers in front of the lava.

Etna Lava.jpg

Etna Lava 2

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