Food Fest – Italian Style

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We just had the most delightful day of lunch! Yes – you read that right – a whole day of lunch!

We stumbled upon Cibo Nostrum Experienze (“Our Food Experience”), a food festival set on the Corso Umberto, the main street of Taormina. But just not any food festival.  In Italy, they do these up right.  There were 130 chefs from all over the country.  They set up tents down the length of the main drag and were all dressed in their tall white hats ready to demonstrate their specialties.  And for 30 Euros, we could meander down the Corso and try it all.  These chefs took great pride in their ingredients and preparing each dish to order, with very creative presentation.  DC peeps – think of a whole street of Volt or Komi!

And not only food, there were dozens of wineries. They gave us a special purse with a strap around our neck to carry our wine glass, so we could walk around and sample food while safely carrying our wine.  Ingenious!  (Unfortunately, we had to give the wine purse back at the end.)

Frank at Festival

We think the food festival was mainly for the chefs to try each other’s recipes. But they were happy to include us, too.  And by the end, we were friends with the chefs closest to our apartment.  They were from a town near Venice and showed us lots of pictures of their creations – and even their grandchildren.  What a fun and happy day!

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