Foodie Favorite: Sicilia

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Siracusa Olives 2.jpg

One of my favorite aspects of Sicily is the wonderful food. Sicily’s fruits and vegetables are famous throughout Europe.  In other parts of the continent, the produce from Sicily is always the most expensive.  This is because they have the best – and they save the best for themselves.

The same goes for fish – much of the world’s best tuna and swordfish come from these waters.  This is as fresh as it gets.

Siracusa Fish Market.jpg

The markets of Siracusa are a perfect example. We had so much fun just walking through, listening to the vendors sing-song their wares, tasting here and there, and picking out our lunch of cheese, olives salami, cherries . . . . Amazing.

Siracusa Ciliegia.jpg

Buon Apetito!

Siracusa Salumeria.jpg

Siracusa Market.jpg

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