Pirates of the Venetian Lagoon

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Pirate Ship

Editor’s Note: Frank and I are back home safe and sound. But we have a few more stories to tell, so we hope you will tune back in.  We will wrap up with some tips for traveling to Venice, as well as our favorite restaurants and “perfect day” in Venice.  Plus more about our next adventures . . . . .

But first – one of our best nights of the trip. We had dinner aboard the Jolly Roger pirate ship in the Venetian Lagoon.  When I booked this, I thought it sounded kind of kitschy but thought we’d still like it since we’d get a boat ride around the Lagoon, along with dinner.

Well – the big pirate ship pulled up and turned out to be one of our best meals. The main deck was set with candles (on a boat!) and buckets of Prosecco on each table.  A very nice start.

Pirate CAT 2

It looked like rain so they covered our deck with a tarp. And it was a little rocky – so much that one couple got off before we set sail.  But that made it all the more exciting to two sailors.  And away we went.

Pirate View

The kitchen did an amazing job – here’s how they kept the plates ready to be served. I may see if Frank will build one of these for our boat!

Pirate Plates

We had a 5 course meal that was as gourmet as they come, accompanied by as many bottles of wine as you wanted. When you got low, they just replaced your wine bucket with a fresh bottle.  (We had to be a little careful!)

Pirate Dining

We sailed all over the Lagoon – out to Burano and then by the Lido and finally back to Venice. At the end, the Jolly Roger paused with a nighttime view of St. Mark’s Square, served the final course, and played “Time to Say Goodbye” as lightning streaked the sky – wow!  What a night!

Pirate Flag.jpg

3 thoughts on “Pirates of the Venetian Lagoon

  1. Christy & Frank; We just want to say we read all of your travels in Sicily and Venice and we must say you
    did a marvelous job of detailing your adventures. We were very impressed and thank you for allowing
    us to also enjoy your travels. With love —- Janine & John


    • Ciao John & Janine – we received your comment. I’m so glad you like the blog! We have a few more entries, so stay tuned. Hope all is going well! Love, Christy & Frank


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