Costa Rica!

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The Two Fools are back on the road!

This time, we are venturing South – way South – to Central America!  Our friends, Larry and Candy, have decamped for the winter to Costa Rica and have invited us to visit them.  We were ready for a new avventura so happily said “si”!

Larry is one of Frank’s best friends – such good friends, in fact, that the two of them visited Costa Rica themselves back in the day when they were bachelors. Little did they know that they would be back however many years later with amazing and beautiful wives in tow!


Our destination is Tamarindo, a beach town on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. We flew into San Jose – the biggest city – and booked a local flight on Nature Air.  At the ticket counter, the agent made each of us step on a scale (thankfully no one else could see the results – whew!).

Our plane was bigger than I thought – at least a dozen people, and off we went.  We flew over mountain ranges, a volcano, and jungles before descending into an expanse of brown fields.  No beach in sight.  Hmm . . .

Nature Air.jpg

At last we landed in the middle of one of these fields, with a longhorn cow looking at us thoughtfully. Everyone hopped out onto the grass, and two teen-agers ran out and started pulling luggage out of the nose of the plane.  Where were we?


It turns out the Tamarindo Airport is really an airstrip a few miles from the ocean – in the middle of a field. We were relieved to see Candy and Larry waving at us from the chain linked fence.  (We had assured them we could get a taxi from the airport ourselves – after all, we were world travelers.  Thankfully, they knew better.)  They herded us into the “terminal,” which is an open-air pavilion with a few benches and introduced us to their friend, a local who has a car and agreed to pick us up.


Our adventure has begun!



One thought on “Costa Rica!

  1. Hi Frank & Christy, Bobbie Thomas forwarded your blog to me. I’m now Sandy Caswell, married to Mike.
    Frank & Larry & I sailed together often when they knew me as Sandy Blumberg. Mike and I have been living in Costa Rica for nearly 10 years now. Wish we had known you were here! I’m so happy to see how happy you all look. You deserve the best!
    Cheers, Sandy 💕


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