Happy Birthday Frank!

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One of the reasons we came on this trip was to celebrate Frank’s birthday!

We had a family party last week in Annapolis – with Lobster Night at Eastport Yacht Club. John, Valerie, Cece, Sam, and Olive spent the night, so we had lots of fun visiting, doing treasure hunts, and playing Cranium (the Volpe Family’s favorite game!).

We continued the celebrations this week with a special dinner at Panga’s, a beautiful waterfront restaurant directly on the beach in Tamarindo. It is situated along the estuary (the same one with the crocodile signs!), and was a stunning sight as the sun went down.

They specialize in a very unique filet mignon – they serve it rare, along with a 500-degree volcanic rock.  You can cook your meat to your preferred temperature yourself, along with onion rings.  Just stick them on the rock and hear them sizzle.

A very special evening under the trees and stars – Buon Compleanno Francesco!

Pangas 2.jpg

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