Lolita the Beach Pig

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We had an outing today to a very unique beach – Playa Avellanas, known world-wide for its surfing. We took the bus ($12) from Tamarindo, which had space for surfboards on top.

Our destination was Lola’s, named for the owner’s pet pig (really!). Sadly, Lola passed away a few years ago, so the matriarch of the place is her daughter, Lolita.  She has her own pen with a palm tree and beachfront view.

Lolita 2.jpg

Lola’s has beautiful Nicaraguan wooden tables set amid the palm trees, with a few hammocks thrown in. Get there early to snag a spot, and they let you stay the day, while waiters bring whatever you like.  I had the ahi tuna poke – fresh from local waters – delicious.

We all settled in for a relaxing day of reading, walking the beach, and swimming. Frank decided to fish and found a little surf shack down the beach, where they sold him octopus for bait.  And I even got a massage – $20 for half hour.  (The picture below was my view after the massage – I was so relaxed, I could just look straight up through the trees to the blue sky!)

We can tell why Lolita the Pig has a smile on her face!


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