Into the Jungle

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Tortuga Lodge sign.jpg

We are swapping the Pacific side of Costa Rica for the Atlantic side and heading to the Caribbean coast – and into the jungle! We are staying at a jungle lodge that is about 12 miles from the Nicaraguan border and only accessible by boat or plane.  There are no roads.  We are a little nervous, as there is also no air-conditioning, and we are sleeping in the equivalent of screened-in porches.  The lodge has excellent reviews (albeit, from National Geographic, which admittedly may have a more rustic taste than we do!).  But we are up for adventure!

We are only allowed 30 pounds total of luggage plus carry-on because the charter plane is so small. We have frantically shed anything superfluous and left with the trusty bellhop at the Marriott in San Jose, our overnight stop to prepare for our jungle trek.

And off we go – rewarded by beautiful views as we descend into Tortuguero.

Our first look at the Tortuguero airport proves that we are indeed in for an adventure.

Tortugero Airport.jpg

Our boat captain meets us and takes us across the canal to the Tortuga Lodge.  It is absolutely beautiful.


Within our first 5 minutes, we are greeted by two ignuanas and a couple of exotic birds. Wow!

We will spend the next several days here off the grid – no TV, no air-conditioning, and no phone service. We will read, go on wildlife tours, and just relax.  Based on our first lunch – coconut papaya salad, fresh snapper with beet coulis, and coconut ice cream – we are in for a treat.

And we have brought along LOTS of sunblock and mosquito spray.

We are ready for the jungle!


Stay tuned for pics of our room . . . .


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