Tortuga Lodge

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We are loving life at the jungle lodge! Our lodge is located on the Atlantic side of Costa Rica, about 12 miles from the Nicaraguan border.  It is located on a canal that parallels the ocean and is only accessible by boat or plane.  It is famous for the sea turtles that nest on the beach here – the word “tortuga” is turtle in Spanish.

Lodge 2.jpg

We were a little nervous because our room basically is a screened in porch – no air-conditioning. But we LOVE it!  The idea is to be able to feel and hear the sounds of the jungle.  They have plenty of fans, which keep the breeze going.   And the beds are super comfortable.  The first night, we had a huge rain storm (we are in the rain forest, after all), and it was very romantic to snuggle under the covers as the storm rolled through on the other side of our screen.  (Our room is the lower right one in the picture above – with its own hammock and rocking chairs out front.)

And then very early – we had our own wake-up call with the howler monkeys, who started at around 5:30 am. Time to start the day!

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in our package, and the restaurant is very good with multiple courses and very creative meals. There is even a little bar by the pool, where we have cocktails before dinner.

And there seems to be plenty to do – we check the whiteboard each day to find out what our next activity will be.

And when we need down time, there is a Hammock House (how cool is that?!) where we can read or nap. Or just walk the property, where we usually spot a few iguanas.  Frank is loving our location, so he can fish – he just has to watch out for crocodiles!

So life in the jungle is good. In our next blog, we’ll venture out on the search for wildlife.


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