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When we started our trip planning, our main goal was to go somewhere warm. We had heard good things about Belize so started browsing VRBO rentals.  I fell in love with a house in a little village called Hopkins – right on the water.  It was a good deal for a monthly rental, so we jumped right in.  We have been dreaming of walks on the beach, interesting village life, fresh grilled fish, and snorkeling the clear waters.

But . . . a couple of weeks ago, we finally sat down to read the guidebook’s  “Survival Tips.”  Well – it turns out we needed 5(!) vaccines, malaria pills, and a pretty robust first aid kit, since apparently supplies down there are hard to get.  Plus we heard dire warnings of not drinking the water, eating the vegetables (unless thoroughly cooked), and disease-carrying mosquitoes.

What did we get ourselves into?

After much consulting with doctors, our rental homeowners, and fellow travelers, we feel like we are well-prepared with a duffel bag full of meds and bug spray, a cautious outlook, and good travel (and evacuation!) insurance.

Bug spray

Frank is even pre-spraying all of our clothes before we leave with some type of special bug spray that stays on through six washes.


But we do have to be careful of the water and vegetables. Our house has a purification system, so we should be ok washing dishes and taking a shower, and we will drink and cook with bottled water – not that much different than the boat!

So we are ready for adventure- bring it on!

(And stay tuned!)

Bug Spray 2



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