On the Ground in Belize: Black Orchid Resort

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We made it! We are on the ground in Belize.

Our goal was simply make it to the airport hotel We will re-group to head to our little village tomorrow.

And what an airport hotel it is! We’re staying at the Black Orchid Resort, about 15 minutes from the Belize City Airport.  They sent a shuttle to pick us up and showed us to our beautiful room, with flowers strewn about everywhere – even in the bathroom!

We settled right in with drinks in the screened-in bar.

And then were welcomed by a family of monkeys – I caught one in mid-flight (this is not zoomed in – that’s how close we were!).

We feasted on grilled lobster for dinner and got a very good night’s sleep – seeing as how we got up at 3:45 am to catch our flight.

The Black Orchid Resort is on the Old Belize River, which is very fast-flowing and filled with crocodiles!

We had a little porch and just whiled away our time sitting out watching the river.

Black Orchid Terrace

We know tomorrow will be a little tough with getting to our new place and getting all the provisions. So we are just going to sit here and watch the world go by.  We are already getting on Belize time!

Black Orchid River Deck

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