Grocery Shopping in Belize – Chinese Style

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Chinese Mall.jpg

Today we head to our new home for the month. We got a good deal on VRBO so decided to jump right in.  I will work from here, and we can escape the cold back home.

But first we have to get there. Our little village, Hopkins, is a bit off the beaten path.  It is down south and not one of the more touristy spots.  But it is on the water and sounds perfect for us (and a much better deal than the more populated areas).

We have hired someone to pick us up and drive us the 3 hours to get there – and to take us to a larger grocery store on the way, as we have read that the village only has a smaller market.

Adam is our guide. He is South African and moved to Belize to start a new business doing transfers for tourists.


He explains to us that all grocery stores in Belize are run by the Chinese. Who knew?  So he takes us to the what they call the “Chinese Mall” – which sure enough, has just about anything you would want, all in one place.  We load up, and are on our way.  Those are BOTH of our buggies in the picture!

Grocery Shopping

We continue on to Hopkins to see our new abode.

Stay tuned – as a teaser, this is our street:

Our Street 2

Like I said, a bit off the beaten path.   : )

Our Street

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