The Joys of a Golf Cart

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As I’ve said, our little village is definitely off the beaten path – and our house even more so. We had read that many people rent golf carts to get around.

While that sounded like a fun outing, the price for a month was a little pricey, so we said, “No thanks.” The nearest restaurants are about a quarter mile (equivalent of a few blocks) away, and the town is a mile.  We have sturdy legs – after all, I just did the Avon 39 walk – and our house came with bikes.  We might rent a cart when we got groceries, but other than that, we were self-reliant.

Well . . . that didn’t last very long.  I’ve posted before, but here is what our street looks like:

Our Street

It’s not paved and those potholes are like Olympic skiing moguls.

Plus there have been freak rains here- fairly unusual for this time of year. They come upon you fast and hard and leave everything a big puddle of mud.  Riding a bike is next to impossible – you bob up and down constantly and then splash yourself with mud (don’t ask how we know this!).  And walking is not much better – ok in the daytime, but really hard to miss those holes and puddles at night when it is pitch black – even with a flashlight.

We thought – no problem – we can just walk along the beach instead. But – one afternoon we walked to the end of our beach, which is very private and a little marshy and think we saw a crocodile!  Yikes!  He didn’t move (and could have been a log) but we definitely wouldn’t want to encounter that in the dark.


So – all of a sudden, the price didn’t seem quite so bad. And we are now the proud (monthly) renters of a golf cart – we even opted for the fancy kind with a windshield, headlights, and sturdy wheels.

Cart - Frank

The world is once again our oyster!

Cart Parking

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