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So you might be wondering where we eat here – given that it is a little rustic. Well, we stocked up big time at the Chinese market (really – it is run by the Chinese and that’s what they call it).  So we cook at home some nights, especially when I am working.  And we always have breakfast at home (usually cereal).

But we have ventured out, too.

Here’s the best spot in town for aperitivo – right on the main drag watching the world go by. You see everyone here, so it’s a fun place to catch up with folks.  It’s run by Janette, who is our property manager.  She’s British, came to Belize for volunteer work 25 years ago, and has been here ever since.

Aperitivo View

We had probably the best hamburger I’ve ever had at Loggerhead’s. They open-air grill it to order, and it’s huge and delicious.  It is owned by a former restauranteur from New Orleans, who has another place down on the beach – both with a bit of Louisiana flair.


We also loved Barracuda’s – right on the water with a more upscale vibe (run by a couple from Alaska). We both had fresh snapper.


Barracuda - Frank

But our favorite so far is the Curve Bar at the Sittee Point Marina. It’s at the other end of our road (away from town) on the Sittee River.


We were heading out there and saw two guys walking along the road.  They asked for a ride on the back of our golf cart.  We weren’t sure what to do (they warn you about bandits in Belize), but said ok.  It was a good call because one turned out to be the bartender at Curve – the other does yardwork at the marina.

Curve Bar 2

Anyway – the restaurant sits on the river and serves very good homemade tortilla chips, guacamole, and fish tacos.  And since we have the bartender a ride – they greet us as “Hello Mr. Frank and Miss Christy!” when we go there.

Curve Bar

We are starting to feel right at home.

Curve - Frank

Barracuda - me





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