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One of the nicest resorts in Hopkins is called Hamanasi (which means “almond” in the Garifuna language). It is the “Greenbrier” of local resorts, and it seems like people talk about it in hushed tones.  We decided to check it out for lunch today.

So off we went in our little golf cart – and turned into a wonderland.

As I’ve said before, the Hopkins roads are a little rustic. So we went from this:

Our Street

To this:

Hamanasi Road

We started to get a little nervous – would they even let us in?

As well continued down this very well-manicured path, we spied signs that even warned of crocodiles!

Hamanasi Crocs

But we putt-putted on. Eventually, we came to a guardhouse.  We told the security guard we were there for lunch and half expected him to turn us away, but he waved us through.  We looked at each other with raised eyebrows and smiled.

We parked our little golf cart next to a fancy looking Range Rover and packed up our gear. It rains a lot here – and very suddenly – so when we travel by golf cart, we carry a recycle grocery bag with a towel (wrapped in a garbage bag so it doesn’t get wet), bug spray, and our rain jackets.  So we definitely looked like “country come to city” when we set off down the path.


I have to say, Hamanasi lives up to its reputation. It really is gorgeous.

Hamanasi Veranda

The gardens are beautiful, with signs explaining the plants, the main house is scattered with deep chairs that look perfect for relaxing on the veranda, and the pool sits next to the ocean, with large dive boats docked and ready to whisk guests to the Blue Hole.

Hamanasi Grounds

We tip-toed through – trying to look like we belonged and hiding our grocery bag the best we could.

We found the restaurant – a lovely open-air space upstairs overlooking it all – and to our relief, they seated us.

Hamanasi Lunch

Hamanasi Lunch 2

We thought we looked pretty normal compared to everyone else.  The food was delicious – we had fresh pineapple salsa, fish tacos, and white wine.

And then our waitress asked very nicely and with a twinkle in her eye, “Shall I put this on your room – or are you guests?”  We confessed that we were guests, but were so excited to be there, they seemed happy to have us.

We may even go back for dinner this week! (But we may leave the rain bag in the golf cart this time!)

Hamanasi Us

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