Jungle Ride

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Horse - On Our Way

Our adventure today took us on a ride through the jungle – via horseback!

Most of the other guests at our lodge think nothing of hopping on a horse, crossing a river, and galloping through the woods.  So we weren’t so sure we were ready for a group jaunt.  Instead, we arranged a private (and easy) trail ride.  We warned the tour planner that we were total beginners – Frank rode when he was 20, and I last rode at camp when I was in high school. But we were excited and ready for adventure.

We were paired with Isaiah again (from the canoe trip) – who probably shook his head and said, “What are these two crazy fools into now?!” But he just smiled good-naturedly and introduced us to our rides – Ginger for me and Bose for Frank.

Horse - CAT

I’m sure these were the two tamest horses they had – which we thought was a good idea, too!

They had a platform to help us mount – our first challenge.

Horse - Mount

Horse - Mount 2

Once settled in, we trotted off.

Horse - Path

We were instantly met with a steep, muddy downhill. I realized that this was not like camp.

Then my horse ran smack dab into the rump of Frank’s, which quickly spun around to nip at Ginger.  (I had not quite figured out how to steer.)

Frank cried, “Whoa!” and my only thought was, “Thank goodness we bought the travel insurance!”

But we soon settled into our saddles and mastered the reins (for me – after running into a couple of trees – I think Ginger did it on purpose to prove she was in charge).

With Isaiah in the lead, we explored the jungle floor and crossed sun-dappled fields.  A very unique vantage point far off the beaten path.

Horse - Path 2

We successfully made it home (and dismounted – more of a challenge than I thought with stiff legs).

And celebrated our equestrian triumph back at the lodge with lunch and a glass of wine.

Life is good.

CAT - Lodge

Frank - Lodge

Editor’s Note: We are back in the States, but have a few more blogs to post.  Keep traveling with us!

One thought on “Jungle Ride

  1. Welcome home! My last horse back ride was not as happy and adventure and I will need a lobotomy before I do one again. Looking forward to catching up when we are back in Annapolis! Thanks for all your posts


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