Onward to Oslo!

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Flam Train

We reluctantly left our little cottage by the fjord and took the train to the big city!

We are in Oslo for the next week.

We have an apartment (via Airbnb) in the ultra hip Tjuvholmen neighborhood – we didn’t realize our digs were so trendy until we got here!

Apt View

Tjuvholmen means Thief’s Island – it is where Oslo hung their thieves in the 17th century and was the most dangerous spot in the city until a few years ago, when developers reclaimed the area, bulked it up with artificial islands, and linked with footbridges to the mainland.

Tjuvholmen Bridge

Now the area is filled with galleries, restaurants, shops, offices, and condos.


No cars allowed – but lots of boats – perfect for us!


Apt View 2

Our apartment is fabulous – with king-size bed-

Apt Bed

living room/kitchen-

Apt Telescope

& bathroom (with washer AND dryer – a rarity in Europe).

Apt Bath

And best of all – a balcony overlooking all the action.

Apt View 3

Who knew Frank and I were so cool?!  : )

Apt Balcony



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