An Evening on Oslofjord

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Cruise - Lower Deck

Oslo has its own fjord – Oslofjord.

Ferry boats line up on the dock near our apartment to transport Oslo residents off and away, especially on weekends.  Tonight we got to see where all those people are going.

We boarded the Helena, a retired fishing vessel from the 1940s.

Cruise - Helena

Since we are early in the season, it wasn’t that crowded so everyone spread out – cocktails in hand – to take in the views.

Cruise - Top Deck

We spent 3 hours making a big circle around the inner fjord, which goes on for 100 kilometers to the open sea.

Cruise - CAT

Soon the captain told us dinner was served. On the menu?  Bread, butter, and shrimp!  How can you go wrong with that?

Cruise - Bread & Butter

Cruise - Frank Shrimp

Cruise - Shrimp

We peeled our way through a couple of plates – with sea gulls looking on hungrily.

Cruise - Peeling Shrimp

Many Oslo residents have summer homes on these islands, which can be elaborate compounds with guesthouses and docks – I like the one below with the diving board to the sea.

Cruise Scene

Or simple bathhouses – to swim and soak up the sun.

Cruise - Bathhouses

And there are more sailboats here than even in Annapolis!

Cruise - Sticks

Our kind of town.

Cruise - Lifeboat



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