Oslo Sightseeing – Frank’s #1

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Fortress - CAT

Oslo has more museums than you can possibly see in a short visit – unless you are very dedicated.   Art, Vikings, History, Culture – they have it all!

We aren’t quite that dedicated and subscribe to one of my mother’s favorite sayings – “Just because it is there doesn’t mean you have to see it.”  This is a perfect mantra because it lets you off the hook when you really just want to skip the museum and go to lunch.

She also created our favorite approach to sightseeing.  We each get to select our #1 choice and everyone has to go along with it and be happy about it.  So everyone gets to do their first choice, plus a few others.

But what to choose . . . .

Hop On

We first did the Hop On Bus to get the lay of the land – definitely touristy, but very useful (and fun).

Then decided on our #1 selections.

Frank’s First Choice

Frank chose the Viking Museum.

We had to take a ferry to get there, which was part of the fun.

Ferry to Museums

The museum has 3 Viking ships dating to the 9th century that were uncovered in the early 1900s.

Viking 1 side

Vikings buried important people in their ships, along with things they would need for the after-life (including servants).  So all of this was very well preserved, considering they are over 1,000 years old!

Viking - 2

I thought the most interesting part was that the ocean-going ship had holes for the oars (you can see above), which had covers the Vikings could slide over them for when they were under sail (very smart) – and they could go 12 knots!

Viking Frank

Tomorrow:  Christy’s First Choice





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