A Rainy Day in Oslo

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Rainy Day Walk

Probably our very favorite day in Oslo was just a normal, ordinary day.  I’m writing about it because it just makes me happy, and I want to remember it.

While we’ve had great weather for the most part, this day was rainy and chilly.  Perfect to take a day off and just live like an Oslo-ite.

I spent the morning with a cup of tea at my mobile office.

Rainy Day Office

We took a walk I the rain.

Rainy Day Sculpture

To lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant. We first discovered Eataly in Florence – it was just the little grocery store around the corner from our apartment.  We were surprised when we discovered they were actually a tiny outpost of a huge New York emporium (which we have visited and loved).  So we were delighted to happen upon the Oslo version!

Oslo - Eataly

And then whiled away the afternoon at the local bakery/coffeehouse.  When I am working, Frank makes his daily rounds and has his regular espresso here each morning, so he wanted to show me.

Rainy Day Bakery

Normally a tea drinker, I had my first cappuccino (and loved it!).

Rainy Day Cap

Our time in Oslo is coming to an end. We have loved this city.  It is just easy and fun to be here.


Next we are heading WAY up north – above the Arctic Circle!

P.S. The castle above is Akershuss Slott – which is across the water from us – and the inspiration for the castle in Frozen –can you see the resemblance?

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