The Far North: Kirkenes, Norway

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We are starting the next leg of our adventure. We have flown to the northernmost point in Norway, where we will catch the Hurtigruten mailboat and ferry-hop down the coast.

But first – we have a few days in Kirkenes – literally at the top of the world. We are 4 miles from Russia, 22 miles from Finland, and father east than Cairo – smack dab on the Barents Sea.

Thon Hotel

Barents Sea

We are so far North that the sun “sets” at midnight and rises at 1 am.

Here are pictures I took from our hotel window when I woke up at 3:30 am (!) –

Midnight Sun 2

Midnight Sun

This is a big fishing town, with King Crab fleets plying the waters bearing both Norwegian and Russian flags – I guess so they don’t worry about boundaries.

Crab Fishing Boat

Huge crab traps line the water – like from “Deadliest Catch.”  We walked around amazed.

Nets - Frank

Crab Nets

Tomorrow – WE are going to become crab fisherman and join them!!

Stay tuned!

Crab Traps

Nets 3

2 thoughts on “The Far North: Kirkenes, Norway

  1. Are there many full time residents? Shops or schools? What temperatures are you experiencing? Weather continues to look beautiful!


    • Hi Barbara! I’m figuring out how to reply to comments. There are full-time residents, including about 500 Russians since on the border. If you live on border (both sides), you can have a permanent visa to allow working/shopping within about 20 miles each way. So they actually have quite a few shops like home goods stores since Russians come over to shop. We have been super lucky with weather. Temperatures were in 60s and sunny. (We are now on mailboat – future blog – and 50s and rainy – so probably more typical.

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