Hurtigruten: Friday (Day 9 – Day 3 for us) – Lofoten & Ice Bar

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After our Midnight concert, we were pretty tired (we are so wild and crazy!).  Frank got up for breakfast, while I burrowed back under the covers.  Thankfully we have no excursions today – a nice day to sit around and enjoy the view.

And what a view it was!

Fjord - SternWe were sailing through the famous Lofoten Islands, with huge snow-capped mountains, little islands (skerries), isolated houses here and there, and remote fishing villages known world-wide for codfish.


The highlight was a very narrow fjord – Trollfjord. The captain said we could sail up it only if the weather was good.  Since it was very foggy and misty, we weren’t sure.  But the wind was low, so ok.

Narrow Fjord

We navigated right between two mountains, spun around, and sailed back out – like threading a needle. Everyone clapped.Narrow Fjord 4

Magic Ice

We got off the boat in a town called Svolvaer, where Frank and I had an aperitivo at the local Ice Bar – Magic Ice.

Ice Bar

They have a gallery of ice carvings by Lithuanian artists, who come each year and refresh the tables and sculptures.


The bar is kept at about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, so we grabbed ponchos and explored.

Ice Bar FAV

We even had a cocktail – in an ice glass!

Ice Bar Drinks

Tonight’s Menu

The Lofoten Islands are famous for their cod fishing. They dry cod on these racks and preserve for winter.  They also eat all parts of the cod – even the tongue!


So tonight’s menu featured . . .  lots of cod!


Cod tongue – bigger than you would think – kind of creamy like escargot

Stockfish – dried cod made into a casserole

Local lamb

Day 9 menu


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