Hurtigruten: Saturday (Day 10 – Day 4 for us) – Arctic Circle!

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Arctic Us

A super exciting day because we crossed the Arctic Circle!

Did you know there is a globe marking the line?

Arctic Globe

For first-timers like us, there is an initiation ceremony – you must take a spoonful of cod liver oil!

Arctic CAT

Apparently Norwegians swear by this and take all winter to stay healthy.  It wasn’t so bad, but was fishy.

Arctic Frank

As a souvenir, we did get to keep the spoons, which have the Hurtigruten “H” inscribed.


We also went to “Marinated Salmon School” (taught by the chef himself!) to learn how to cure salmon.

Salmon - Frank

We even get to take our salmon home.

Salmon - CAT

It was so fun that I will write more on a later blog – when we actually EAT our creation!

Salmon - Chef

Today’s Menu

Captain’s Dinner Celebrating Hurtigruten’s 125th Anniversary

Champagne Toast

Cured Meats

Pea Soup

Baked Cod

Selection of Local Cheeses

“Norwegian Omelet” – ice cream cake with cloudberriesDay 10

Day 10 -2

One thought on “Hurtigruten: Saturday (Day 10 – Day 4 for us) – Arctic Circle!

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! What an adventure you two are having! I was so moved by your description of the midnight service and am finding the description of the Journey to the Arctic quite remarkable. Thanks for sharing! Cannot wait to see you and Frank when we are all back together in Annapolis.


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