Prayers with Annapolis

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Note: There is a slight delay on the blog – yesterday, I just didn’t have the heart to post after hearing about the shooting at the Annapolis Capital Gazette offices.

As far as we know right now, we did not know any of the victims personally, but do have some indirect connections and friends who knew victims.  And we have been in that building several times, as there are other offices there. 

We are praying for everyone in Annapolis. 

Annapolis Strong

One thought on “Prayers with Annapolis

  1. In such a small town most of us to know someone who knew one of the victims. If you get an opportunity my daughter Kris posted a lovely comment that I think speaks to what all of us are feeling. Even though the shootings have almost become “normal“ when it hits this close to home it is as though once again for the first time. One thing that struck me is that Rob Hiiasen‘s brother, Carl, is a reporter and novelist for the Miami Herald Tribune. Who would think he would be in more danger. So unexpected. Hugs to you and Frank!


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