Enza is on her way!

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I received a very excited text last night as Frank and I were going to bed.  It was 4:30 am Sicily time (10:30 EST) and she was up and waiting for her son and son-in-law, Salvio and Benedetto, to take her to the airport in Catania, about 2 hours away.  She would be flying over with her granndaughter’s school group, connecting in Amsterdam, and then would see us in America!

Frank’s cousin, Enza, from Sicily arrives tonight!  We think. 

Then around 10 am, I got a text that she was just leaving Catania and going to London and then would see us in America! 

Hmmm . . . Was she just confused? 

I texted her daughter, Mirella.  Turns out there is a strike in Sicily, so the flight was cancelled and the school group broken up on different planes.  As we speak, Enza is on a plane to Milan, which will connect to a flight to London, which will eventually end up (we hope) in New York around midnight tonight.  And she is no longer with her granddaughter, but is with 2 professors and 20 other students.  Of course, all of these texts are in Italian.  Apparently the final flight to NYC is a little up in the air (no pun intended!), so we still don’t have a flight number or airline.   

In the meantime, Mirella sent the above picture of Enza at the airport this morning.  Frank and I had warned her it was cold in New York so bring a coat.

So the adventure begins – stay tuned to find out if we actually find Enza in the big city of New York!

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