Enza Is Here!

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She made it!

I texted Enza’s daughter, Mirella, almost all night long – both of us with our respective versions of Google Translate open, trading information from Sicily to the USA via texting.  Enza was traveling with her granddaughter’s (Mirella’s daughter’s) school trip to the USA. First there was a strike, which led to a cancelled flight.  Then the new flight missed its connection in London, so they got stuck there and had to spend the night (thankfully in a hotel).  Then an earthquake this morning in London.  Wow!  But they finally made it!

Frank and I nervously waited at the rendezvous spot – the Midtown Hilton – where the school group is staying.  They are part of 2500 high-schoolers from around the world participating in the Model UN program.  Very cool. 

They sent us this picture as they left JFK Airport for Manhattan.  They were getting closer!

Then Lady Enza made her entrance, looking perfectly coiffed.

This is Gaia, Enza’s granddaughter, one of the Model UN participants.

We also met all the teachers and students.

Then we headed for pranzo (lunch) at the Stardust Diner for Enza’s first glimpse of New York City.  This is the diner on Broadway where the waitstaff sings.  They even sang “Time to Say Goodbye” in Italian (from Phantom) just for Enza.

We’re in for a fabulous few weeks, I can tell.  Come along with us!

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