To Annapolis!

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We are leaving the Big Apple for Annapolis.  We have LOTS of luggage – Enza brought lots of clothes and gifts for everyone.  But we successfully made it down the stairs to the Uber. We are on our way!

When we got to Penn Station, Enza exclaimed, “Mamma Mia” (a sentiment I often have held when traversing Penn Station).  But thankfully, we had access to the Acela Lounge, which was much more quiet – and had red caps to help us with the luggage.

Then it was time to board!  At Penn Station, they post the track at the last second, and there is a mad rush for the escalator.  It is possible to get run over and completely turned around.  But in the lounge, they call your name, and the redcap escorts you to the train BEFORE the track is announced.  Totally worth the upgrade.

We found our seats and settled in.  Enza loved it all – taking picture after picture of the scenery and sending messages back to Sicily.  She even wanted a picture of the conductor.

And absolutely loved our train attendant – especially when he brought hot towels – that got another “Mamma Mia!” (And she made him reenact it for the picture.)

By the end, the whole car knew she was visiting from Sicily.

Finally, we disembarked in the snow  at BWI– from the big city to the country. 

We have settled in at home now and celebrated our first night with a poco limoncello.

Buona Notte!  (Good Night!)

One thought on “To Annapolis!

  1. We love the train, too! Though , Christie, I must take exception that Annapolis is the country! Maybe the tiny city🤪 Can’t wait to hear how she likes ours “historic” town, especially the stories of George WAshington and the Capitol Bldg.
    Welcome Enza!!


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