Una Cucina Italiana (An Italian Kitchen)

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Una Cucina Italiana (An Italian Kitchen)

On our first night home, it was snowing and we were tired, so I picked up zucchini ricotta ravioli from the refrigerated section at the grocery store (what I consider the “fresh” pasta, trying to impress our Italian guest).  It was fine, but after that, Enza decided to take matters into her own hands and teach me a thing or two! 

First – the ingredients.  We have gone all over town and decided that the very best pane (bread) and salsa di pomodoro (tomato sauce) are at the Italian market in Annapolis.  In fact, we go there nearly every single day because Italians only eat fresh bread.  Enza knows the whole crowd there and found out that they make the sauce in-house, flying the tomatoes in from Naples every week.  Wow!  (I admit – it is amazing!)

Then we go to Fresh Market, which has been deemed to have the best verdure (vegetables) and olive bar. 

Also important is flour.  I learned that different pastas require different types of flour.  Enza says, “Non Bianca” – no white).

Next – the appliances.  Enza gave Frank a stern lecture about not equipping me with the right tools to make a proper Italian dinner.  While I worked, she made him take her to pick up a mixer (for torta – cake) and a handheld blender (for pesto).

Apparently she also threw in a rolling pin to roll out pasta dough – , which Frank took back out of the cart, figuring he needed to draw the line somewhere.  And boy did I hear about it !  (From both Frank in English and Enza in Italian).  So I told Enza no problema, we can order on Amazon.  Two days later, it arrived.  We opened, and Enza crowed, victorious – a triumph for women everywhere! 

Next up – see what we do with all of these tools!  Lots and lots of hand-made pasta!

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  1. Love all the tips as to where to shop for fresh groceries and plan to pass along to my foodie daughter and her husband 🙂 and you are working really hard! Wish we were there to help with the eating (but not with the cooking). LOL


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