Farewell PSV, Hello Barbados

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As I took one last sunrise picture, we were pretty sad to leave the wonderful little island of Petit St. Vincent. We were going to miss simply being able to raise the yellow flag and have our private butler to bring breakfast!

But finally, our last Moke ride came. They loaded our luggage and drove us down to the dock.

We loaded the boat and said our good-byes.

PSV even sent us off with a packed lunch for our day of travel.

As we crossed over to Union Island, we reflected on our celebration week.

At Union Island, the PSV crew dropped us off to catch the teeny plane to Barbados.

We had the same pilot, but this time made a pit stop in St. Vincent, where we stretched our legs.

But our trip isn’t over! We are just more independent for this second part. We’ve rented an AirBnB in Hastings, the more local South Coast of Barbados. I will work, we will celebrate Thanksgiving, and live like the locals.

We did have a few rough patches – you will have to read on . . . .

But the sunsets are amazing.

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