50th Birthday on the Beach

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I wanted to do something extra special for my 50th Birthday. Not only is it a big day, obviously, but it is the 5-year anniversary of the day I started taking tamoxifen to treat breast cancer. Tamoxifen has a bunch of side effects and a lot of women don’t make it 5 years.  But for my kind of breast cancer, it can be an effective prevention for recurrence.  So I have done my best to stick it out.  And was overjoyed that my 5 years was up – and on my birthday!

So we had a lot to celebrate.  And PSV came through for a private dinner on the beach.

First, they picked us up in the Moke jeeps and drove us to the end of the island, where there are no cottages and it was pitch dark.  But soon, we saw candlight and stopped at a fully set table on the beach surrounded by lanterns.  Wow.

Our servers poured wine and set out the soup course – a pumpkin curry – then told us they would return with the main course.  They drove off, leaving me and Frank to pinch ourselves with how beautiful and unique this was.

Then to our next course – lamb shank and lobster stir fry.  And more wine.  By this time, we were giggling and even danced on the beach while waiting for dessert.

And then – the cake. Made especially for my 50th Birthday.

I am one lucky girl.

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