Crepes avec Grand Marnier

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A quick blog today with an experience that gave us a little surprise!  We stopped into a creperie at the end of a day on Ile de la Cite (near Notre Dame) for a dessert and wine.  We confidently ordered the Grand Marnier Crepe, which is made with an orange brandy liqueur.  When I have had this before, it has the flavor but no alcohol – or it has been burned off in the cooking.

The waiter seemed very impressed with our choice – said it was “very French” with a look of approval.  We felt very proud.

Then I saw the bartender bring down 2 glasses and a bottle of Grand Marnier.  I told Frank, either someone else ordered Grand Marnier or we may have just ordered wine, a crepe, AND two glasses of Grand Marnier.  Oh well – part of the adventure.

But then, the waiter and the bartender marched over and, with quite a flair, placed 2 crepes on the table and poured a half-full glass of Grand Marnier (quite a lot) on top of each crepe.  And then – whipped out a lighter and set it all on fire!  I gave a little yelp and got my scarf out of the way just in time!   

I have to say – after the shock and the flames died down – it was delicious! 

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