Decrouvez Soupe à L’Oignon at Café de la Paix

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Translation: Discover French Onion Soup at Café de la Paix!  (Although here, they just call it onion soup).

Today we had lunch at the very famous Café de la Paix – some say the creator of French Onion Soup.  It has been on their menu since they opened in 1862 – here is a description:

Gratinée à l’oignon, “Recette de 1862”

The famous French Onion Soup, the ultimate Café de la Paix specialty, is prepared from the recipe created for the 1862 inauguration, topped with aged comte chees melted to perfection and served gratinee*

*Grantinee means topped bread crumbs/croutons, melted butter, and cheese – yum!

We had to try it!

The café itself is beautiful – I came here over 20 years ago on my first trip to Paris with my college friend, Catherine.  I wanted to share it with Frank. 

The Café de la Paix is across from the beautiful Palais Garnier opera house (where the Phantom resides).  Regulars through the years have included Coco Chanel, Victor Hugo, Ernest Hemingway, Emile Zola, composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Oscar Wilde, future King Edward VII (the one who abdicated), and ballet master at the Opera, Serge Lifar.

We are ready for our soup!

Finally time to taste . . . .

Et voila!

The best!

2 thoughts on “Decrouvez Soupe à L’Oignon at Café de la Paix

    • That’s where I stayed the first time I came to Paris – I shared a room with my friend, Catherine (also at USC with me). A wonderful neighborhood. This is my first time back in Paris since then – over 20 years ago!


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