Our Favorite Wine Store in Venice

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When we were here before, we discovered the most unique wine store – at least to us. 

It is very simple.

You purchase an empty 1-liter bottle (or bring your own).

You choose from a wide selection of kegged wines, and the storekeeper “pumps” the wine into your bottle, like beer.  (I do not know the proper terminology for this.)

It is very economical, too.  We got a liter of Cabernet Franc for 3 Euro 60 – including the plastic jug.

Next time we go back, it will even be cheaper since we’ll bring our own bottle back! We may even splurge for Prosecco!

Cin Cin!

P.S. If you are looking for this store, it is near Campo SS Giovanni e Paolo – across from a Coop market. On Google Maps, it is simply listed as “Wine Shop Across from Coop.” : )

One thought on “Our Favorite Wine Store in Venice

  1. That is a fabulous wine shop!! I’ve seen reports of stores having you bring your own containers for everything you purchase to dramatically cut down on the millions of pounds of trash we produce. Although, we spoiled Americans would fight it, it is a brilliant idea. We have to drastically slow down global warming and this seems like a great way to do that. Thanks for sharing.


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