A Night on Murano

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We love exploring the islands of the Venetian Lagoon.  We have been to Murano a couple of times, known for its beautiful glass makers (vetri di Murano).  But it is usually mobbed by tourists like us!

So we decided to experience the “real” Murano after-hours by spending the night.

It turns out there is a little Hyatt in the middle of Murano, right by the Museo Vaparetto stop.  Who knew?

They have a lovely garden . . .

A trendy lobby –

And a nice restaurant (also a more casual pub/bar). 

Our room had an amazing view.

Once the crowds died down, we took a walk with the locals – here is the “real” Murano.

P.S.  I have two recommendations for anyone visiting.  We had one of our best meals at Ristorante Ai Piantaleoni  – try the Friturra Mista di Pesce (Fried Mixed Fish – lightly battered and VERY fresh) . They have the fish delivered each morning – I heard them from our room at 5 am when the fishing boat pulled up out front.  It is in the same “block” as the Hyatt.

And next door to the Hyatt is a wonderful glass shop (on an island full of them) – Tommasi – tommasi.it/en/ .  They have beautiful and artistic jewelry.  The Tommasi Family has had a furnace on Murano since 1933 and they make all the glass there.  Here’s my new necklace.  : )

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