Pirates of the Venetian Lagoon

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We had the most fun dinner cruise last night – on a pirate ship in Venice!  And not just any pirate ship – The Jolly Roger!

We have done this cruise before and loved it, so it was definitely on our list for this visit. 

Despite the name, it is actually a very upscale pirate ship.

They start off by giving each table a whole bottle of prosecco and small appetizers.  Cheers!

Then on to a 5-course feast prepared right on the boat – they even do the cooking there!

The menu was very gourmet and the food was excellent.

There are only about 30 guests.  During our cruise, there was a birthday and a proposal!

As we dined and drank wine, the ship sailed around Murano, Burano, Torcello and then back to Venice, where they stopped and played “Time to Say Good-Bye” as we floated past St. Mark’s Square with our espressos and dessert. 

Venetian pirates certainly have style!

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