Getting Ready for Pasqua

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It is a beautiful Easter Sunday in Canicatti!

But before we get to the pranzo (lunch), Frank and I were given a very important job – to accompany Benedetto (Mirella’s husband) to pick up fresh ricotta. 

Frank asked whether the market was even open on Easter.  The family just looked at us.  It turns out we were not going to a store – we were going straight to the source! 

We rode out into the countryside on a winding one-lane road, where you had to back up to let other cars go by – even passing by a herd of sheep, who had the right of way.

At the farm, there were dozens and dozens of sheep.

Workers were milking the sheep as fast as they could – the foreman yelling, “Vai, Vai, Vai” (Go, Go Go) and making the cheese right there.  Other cars like ours drove up a few at a time, ducking into the cheese room to carefully select their wheels or baskets of ricotta fresca for Easter lunch. Amazing!

Easter in Sicily.

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