Buona Pasqua! Part I (of III)

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Preparations for Pasqua Pranzo (Easter Lunch) went on all morning.

In the indoor kitchen . . . .

In the outdoor kitchen . . .

Even in the herb garden . . .

The smells were wonderful!

Finally, the family gathered for the feast.

First we ate bowls of fresh ricotta with whey poured over (that Frank and I helped pick up at the farm that morning).  Enza told us this helps with digestion to get our stomachs ready for the meal. 

Then pasta al forno made in the outdoor oven, agnello griglia (grilled lamb), and roasted potatoes and artichokes (plus various side dishes).

Finally fruit and the traditional dessert of Pasqua – the Colombe – a cake shaped like a dove that Mirella made herself. 

Whew – we all rested.

But it wasn’t over! Next up – Part II!

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