Buona Pasqua!  Part III (of III)

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After an Easter lunch brimming with dishes and molto molto famiglia visiting, we all settled down to rest.  Some dozed off, while others called and Zoomed with family all over the world to wish them “Buona Pasqua” and “Happy Easter,” depending on where they were. 

But there was more!

The pizza dough had been rising all this time, and as the sun was setting, Mirella set to work making homemade pizza.

And in their very own outside pizza oven!  Wow!

Another feast!

We wound down the night, with more wine and limoncello, laughing and telling family stories.  Frank and I finally climbed the stairs to bed around midnight. We drifted off to sleep to the sound of laughter still ringing from downstairs. 

What a Pasqua!

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