Buona Pasqua!  Part II (of III)

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Where we left off . . .

The whole family was resting after our delicious and huge Easter lunch – some dozing off, others talking.  When, to our surprise, all of a sudden there was a flurry of excitement – Part II was beginning!

Another part of the family, who had been at their own Easter lunch, came over to see us. 

This is the family of another of Frank’s first cousins.  They have had us to their home for dinner on past visits.  We had fun catching up on their lives. They have 3 children – one in high school, one at university in Milan, and one living in Milan working at Amazon.

We all sat back down for café, homemade tiramisu, and limoncello.

And finally – a family portrait.

A wonderful day!

But did you notice this was just Part II out of III?  Stay tuned . . . .

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