Now THAT’S a Yacht!

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Now THAT’s a Yacht!

Marigot Bay sees it all.  From the regal and historic Sea Cloud to giant mega yachts.  Plus lots of regular sailboats in between. 

We love to keep up with who is coming . . . .

And who is going . . . . .

The big yachts are fun to google.  You can learn the specs and maybe even about the owners.  One of the boats in our harbor is a charter boat – for $240,000 per week!!

You can tell when the owners aren’t onboard because the crew hangs out on deck themselves – and are very lively.  It’s like our own version of the “Below Deck” TV show.

But the most amazing thing I have seen – which I had never heard of before – is that the fanciest yachts come with their own support boat! 

See the yacht and the long skinny yacht next to it that looks kind of like a research vessel? 

They are buddy boats.  The long skinny vessel is the “support yacht.”  It houses extra crew, smaller boats, and – of course – the helicopter pad.  (We know this because the dock guard who lets Frank fish told us.)

Sometimes we have traveled with a dinghy towed behind us – and we thought that was something (especially if it had an outboard motor).  But now we’ve seen it all! 

P.S.  After I wrote this entry, an even cooler yacht came into Marigot Bay – a 116-foot sailing yacht.  Here she is leaving this morning –

And from her website –

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