Wine Warning!

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Today is a double feature – two posts in one day!

But it is so we can provide a public service announcement.

When we first came here, our taxi took us to the grocery store for provisions – after all, we were staying 3 weeks in an apartment and “living like a local”, which includes cooking at home sometimes.

We had not quite gotten used to the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC), which is 2.7 times the value of the US dollar.  So everything seemed hugely expensive.  Olive oil was 65 EC!  (Which is $24, which is still a lot, but it was a big bottle.) 

So we were in sticker shock as we roamed the aisles.  When we got to wine, everything was at least 40 EC.  Wowzers!  (Really $14 USD, but we had not figured that out.)  So we searched high and low for something affordable. 

And how delighted were we when we found this lovely looking Spanish tempranillo for just 23 EC.  I snagged a few of them! 

Only to get home and open our new bottle to celebrate our arrival – and it tasted terrible! 

Upon further inspection, it is not WINE, but WIN.

And 0% alcohol – “De-Alcholised Red Wine” they call it. 

And we had a few bottles of it.


Thankfully, we noticed that even the best rum was less than the average wine (and even less than the olive oil), so we picked up a bottle of that, too.

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