Everyday Life in St. Lucia

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In our past trips, I have posted about our normal, everyday life, and some people have said those are their favorite stories. 

We are not just tourists in St. Lucia at a big fancy resort – we are living here and doing many of the things we do at home.

I work. 

I have my laptop filled with all the regulations and documents I use.  We arrived on a Sunday and by Monday morning, I had set up my new office (which I admit does have a good view!). 

I usually have several Zooms a day from my make-shift space next to the WIFI router.  Except for the artwork behind me, most clients have not noticed a difference. 

Everyone works from somewhere different these days.

We cook. 

We provisioned with groceries when we arrived and have had to do one mid-month re-stock. 

We generally eat breakfast and lunch at home and then eat out for supper. 

But a few nights, we have just felt like staying in, cooking, and watching Netflix.  Just like home.

We do laundry.

We are lucky to have a washer.  And even a dryer, which is sometimes rare outside the US. 

But the dryer is small and takes a long time. And . . . we have such a nice breeze on the porch, so we air dry most items. 

Our clothes smell like sea air.

We also pay bills, have family Zooms, and set up doctor’s appointments for when we return. 

But at the end of the day, Frank and I gather on the balcony for cocktails and sunset. 

That’s a tradition we just might keep when we get back home . . . .

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