A Tour of Marigot Bay – Part I

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Have we said how much we love Marigot Bay?  It is definitely our vibe.  

And we have had several of you who have asked for more details – it may be your vibe, too!

If you are interested . . . 

Our apartment is in the Marina Village – there are several units on Airbnb and VRBO – they all say Marina Village.  

There is also a Zoetry Hyatt resort (the snazzy hotel that doesn’t let us in).  But it looks beautiful and it right next door.  It seems to have more of an American crowd.

And across the Bay there is the Marigot Bay Resort, which is more low-key.  If we only had a few days, we’d probably opt to stay there (more of a British hang-out). 

There are a number of other villas up the hills, with what I’m sure are amazing views.  

So lots of options here.

And whether you stay in Marigot Bay or not, it definitely is worth a visit for the fun and unique restaurants.  

In this Part I we are reviewing two of our favorites close to our apartment.

Hurricane Hole

This one is the closest to us and technically part of the Zoetry resort, although they let anyone eat here because it is in the Marina Village.  

They are directly on the dock, so you can dine and watch the big boats.  

We’ve been for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The heart of palm salad and the citrus salmon are the best.

Chateau Mygo – Our Favorite

On every trip, there seems to be one restaurant that you go back to over and over – usually the one around the corner that was so friendly and easy and feels like you belong.  

That is Chateau Mygo for us.

It is across the street, and the moment we walked in, we knew it was special.  

It is on the water with a big dinghy dock, so full of sailboat crews each night whose boats are anchored in the Bay.  

They have live music a few nights a week – from a guy playing steel drum to a full calypso/reggae band.

There is a lively bar scene with frozen rum drinks of all sort (all those sailors!), and kids running around the tables while their parents keep an eye. It is just fun.

And delicious. The fish tacos are addicting. Frank loves the fried calamari. I love the fresh grilled mahi-mahi. They also have a pizza oven – we heard the whole story about how they decided to make pizza and bought this oven and then had to teach themselves how to make pizza from a recipe book.

And they let Frank come and fish whenever he wants – they even give him bait from the kitchen!

We will miss them for sure!


In Part 2, we’ll highlight two restaurants across the Bay – only reachable by boat.

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