Tour of Marigot Bay: Part II

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Yesterday, we highlighted restaurants close to our apartment. 

But we really love the restaurants across the Bay  . . . because we have to take a boat to get there!

The Mangrove (AKA JJ’s)

I think this restaurant is called The Mangrove now, but was JJ’s before, so that’s what everyone calls it.  

It is all the way at the end of Marigot Bay.  

You have to take the Beach Ferry to get there, which is part of the fun.  You motor by the mega yachts on the way, along with other interesting boats that look like they are out of a movie set!  

You step off the beach ferry onto a boardwalk and into another world.  

The beautiful bay on one side –

The mangroves on the other.  

The view is spectacular, the people are friendly, and the food is really good.  There are a lot of locals, too, which is a good sign.  I had grilled lobster, which was simply amazing.

When we were there for lunch, we saw 3 excursions come in by small boat from the big fancy resorts on the island.  No doubt these couples had paid a princely sum for a boat ride to beautiful Marigot Bay and an “authentic” lunch on the water.  We felt like true insiders as we boarded the little beach ferry back to the Marina Village


Doolittle’s has its own private ferry.

Mid-trip, the red ferry broke down, so they improvised.  This one was fun, too.

The restaurant is named for the “Dr. Doolittle” movie with Rex Harrison, which was filmed in Marigot Bay.  

They have a great view of the beach.

And are known far and wide for the best sunset.  

They also have a lounging area with sofas and pool tables if you want to hang out after lunch.

We went there for our anniversary and had the fish cooked on hot volcanic rock. 

They bring it raw to your table and you cook it yourself.  We had salmon, shrimp, and scallops – yum!

We could gaze at these views forever!

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